Our values

Our Values

Our clients, employees and insurers are at the heart of everything we do.

Our core philosophy is that we treat each of them fairly, adding value to every interaction.

We do this by living the values of A-Plan in all our dealings.


If we say we are going to do something, we do. We follow through on our commitments in a timely and accurate manner. In this way we retain the loyalty of all those A-Plan deals with, be they clients, employees or insurers. This enhances our reputation as credible people-centric insurance broker.


We listen actively and effectively to what our clients, employees and insurers share with us. By so doing, we are able to identify needs and provide solutions to meet them. In addition, this “listening ear” approach enables us to be flexible with the changing needs of all three key stakeholders in our business.


We treat our clients, employees and insurers as unique individuals and tailor our services to their specific requirements in a timely manner. We listen, we hear, we respond and take on board feedback reacting quickly, accurately and positively to changing circumstances.

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