What we offer

At A-Plan, we value everyone’s contribution to the business and to our success. We offer a competitive starting salary for everyone who works for us. What’s more, your salary will be reviewed regularly as you develop your knowledge, skills and expertise, ensuring that it continues to reflect your contribution to the company.

But that’s not all. We also give you the opportunity to obtain your insurance qualifications, investing in a range of learning and development programmes to help you grow your knowledge and skills. A pro-rata holiday entitlement completes this salary package, together with special offers that are bespoke to all A-Plan staff.


We value a diverse approach to recruiting new staff. That’s why we offer an Apprenticeship Programme for all full-time employees, supported by providing you with a mentor to aid your learning on-the-job.

Cert CII

As part of our commitment to ensuring we have qualified staff to help our clients, we’ll support you in attaining a range of qualifications in insurance. At the foundation level, we encourage you to attain your initial insurance qualification, Cert CII, within 12-18 months of joining us. This Certificate in Insurance is a core qualification for all staff and you’ll be supported at a pace that suits you.


We welcome graduates at A-Plan, and you’ll start on a level playing field with all our new recruits. The difference is that once you start showing us how much more you can bring to the company, this might be reflected in the pace with which you’re able to progress through our various roles.


People are at the heart of everything we do, and that’s why we invest in a range of learning and development programmes to help you gain the skills and knowledge to help our clients even more effectively. We run a calendar of programmes, including workshops, online media and one-to-one coaching.

See our vacancies section for a full list of our latest roles.